NYC – 243 Days

Mar 5 · 2018

On Wednesday I was accepted in the lottery for the 2018 New York City Marathon. One of 15,640 people selected from 105,184 entrants. It would seem I’ve found where my luck lies. In 2014 I was accepted in the Berlin Marathon lottery on my first try, and this was only my second attempt at the NYC lottery. Having established my luck, what now?

First, I want to renew my efforts at writing about my experience planning, and training for, the upcoming race, currently 243 days away. I rebuilt this site in 2011 with the express purpose of writing about my training for the Four Bridges Half Marathon. That process, and the race, were an act of catharsis for me, for more so than I had ever expected. I want to believe that I’ve resolved much of those issues in the years since, but some will be hard to avoid. After all, the NYC marathon will take place on what would have been my father’s 64th birthday. Circles and circles. Beyond catharsis, writing is a creative practice that I find challenging, and helps expand and refine what training for and running a marathon can mean.

Second, it will be time to get in shape. A 16 week training plan won’t begin until sometime in July. The last couple of months I’ve struggled to run consistently, a struggle that goes back six months or more. Neck injury. Winter. Holidays. I let my habits slip. I’ve suffered for it, in lost fitness, and more importantly through more erratic emotional states. But, I made it through the holidays, spring is near, and I have a race to think about. Now is the time to rebuild my running base. From six to 20 miles per week that I’ve been bouncing between, I have a little short of four months to get back in the habit of running 25 to 30 miles per week consistently.

Then it’s time to research and select a training plan. For the last few races I’ve followed a Garmin plan because it was the easiest to set up. Log in, send the schedule to my calendar, download the workouts to my watch. Follow through. The results have been mixed. I ran my PR in Chattanooga using the plan, but then tanked in Memphis using the same plan. Maybe it’s worth giving it another go, but I have the next few months to decide. And perhaps it might be time to give up the goal of training myself to a sub four finish time. Not that I can consider myself truly training myself considering that amount of advice and feedback from friends that I’ve received over the last few years. The training plans I’ve used were generic, off the shelf plans. I haven’t used a coach, or a tailored plan, and maybe it’s worth considering. I wonder if I’ve pushed myself as hard as I could, or performed a bit short of my capability.

My perspective, or mindset, has been a serious consideration lately. And with 243 days until this marathon, I have a lot of running to do, which will give me a lot of time to think. Though it’s hard to think of the date with complete objectivity, I want to believe that this race is my race. One for me to explore my limits, my goals. I’m curious to see what this one teaches me.

Music under Tara Donovan featuring Probably the Tornado

Mar 3 · 2018

Music under Tara Donovan featuring Probably the Tornado

This was nice. The Tara Donovan installation gives off a lovely soft glow. The reflections behind the band. A unique venue.

NYC Bound

Feb 28 · 2018

I looked at the notification on my phone this morning. A charge had been applied to my Amex, New York Road Runners. The organizer of the NYC Marathon. Looked like I’d made it through the lottery. But it was the first of three steps. After work I checked my account on the NYRR website. It said I’d been accepted. And then finally, a few minutes ago, the third and final check. An email confirmation.

It’s a nice surprise. I needed it.

Saturday I ran. It sucked. Slow. Felt like I could catch my breath. It had been a week since I’d run. A nagging cough for a few weeks, then a cold. Or sinus infection. Whatever it was, it sucked. And I didn’t run for a week. And then when I ran, it sucked, and for the final kick in the head, I got a migraine afterwards.

My response was to be expected. Drained Sunday, and just a generally shitty disposition by the time the work week started. I’d planned to make it to a group run Monday, try to turn things around. Packed all my gear before work and took it with me. Didn’t leave work until well after the run started. Went home. Moped.

Tuesday. No better. Felt like the wheels falling off all day. Everything was a struggle. It sucked. But the weather was just about perfect when I left. So I ran. Short. Easy. But it was daylight when I started. And I could breath. And when I finished, the darkness of the last week lifted.

Then, this morning, notification that I made it in the NYC Marathon lottery.

Running. Time to get back to this thing. With a bit of optimism perhaps.

upside down inside out

Feb 25 · 2018

upside down inside out – aka, how my brain feels today

Also known as, how my brain feels today, less than 24 hours after a migraine. It’s a bit scrambled.

Building stack

Feb 25 · 2018

Building stack

three for three

Feb 24 · 2018
After a cough, cold, sinus infection, Or whatever, first run in a week… a migraine was almost to be expected.

After a cough, cold, sinus infection,Or whatever, first run in a week… a migraine was almost to be expected.

December, January, February. I’m on a three month streak.

Made By

Feb 22 · 2018

Made By

Thank You Murphy

Feb 16 · 2018

Murphy just keeps fucking this collection of ink on paper.

Murphy just keeps fucking this collection of ink on paper. Some projects just feel cursed. It feels like the Museum Ball invitation suite is always one of those projects. Every. Damn. Year.


Feb 10 · 2018


I’ve photographed a number of parking deck entrances lately. Indulging my fascination with the weird space they occupy. This feels like a really similar space. A bank drive through with individual teller stations, somewhere in between a contemporary drive through and a fast food car hop station. It’s technically in the basement of the bank, entrance from Morris Avenue, exit up on 1st Ave.

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