Yellow Warning

Jul 9 · 2017 // Art

Finished, yellow warning sign the last detail.

A weekend’s work. I’ve been in a bit of an introvert hangover since the holiday weekend. To recover, I spent most of the weekend at home, working Friday night and Saturday on this. Another in the new series of paintings on plywood. Again, a dash of color.

The idea behind these, other than my fascination with composition, finding the balance between removal of detail while maintaining a coherent image, is an exploration of spaces that are pedestrian, but in a sense hostile. The first two are from parking garages. This one is an elevated highway junction. Both the parking garage and the elevated highway assert the primacy of the automobile. Within that primacy, pedestrians still need to navigate through the spaces ultimately not intended for them. In a way, yet another liminal space, another fascination of mine. And in all of this spaces are warning signs. Symbols and markers dictating terms of use.

A few images from the process:

Process. Radiohead on the turntable. Negroni at hand. Projecting the image on the board, masking taped.

Cutting the image out of the masking tape. An interesting aesthetic on its own.

Blanc Et Noir / Saturday progress

Black layer painted, tape removed.