NYC Bound

Feb 28 · 2018 // Life / Running

I looked at the notification on my phone this morning. A charge had been applied to my Amex, New York Road Runners. The organizer of the NYC Marathon. Looked like I’d made it through the lottery. But it was the first of three steps. After work I checked my account on the NYRR website. It said I’d been accepted. And then finally, a few minutes ago, the third and final check. An email confirmation.

It’s a nice surprise. I needed it.

Saturday I ran. It sucked. Slow. Felt like I could catch my breath. It had been a week since I’d run. A nagging cough for a few weeks, then a cold. Or sinus infection. Whatever it was, it sucked. And I didn’t run for a week. And then when I ran, it sucked, and for the final kick in the head, I got a migraine afterwards.

My response was to be expected. Drained Sunday, and just a generally shitty disposition by the time the work week started. I’d planned to make it to a group run Monday, try to turn things around. Packed all my gear before work and took it with me. Didn’t leave work until well after the run started. Went home. Moped.

Tuesday. No better. Felt like the wheels falling off all day. Everything was a struggle. It sucked. But the weather was just about perfect when I left. So I ran. Short. Easy. But it was daylight when I started. And I could breath. And when I finished, the darkness of the last week lifted.

Then, this morning, notification that I made it in the NYC Marathon lottery.

Running. Time to get back to this thing. With a bit of optimism perhaps.